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How I mastered my biggest fear...

I almost wet my pants in the first sales meeting I ever went to…

When we started building our business,

I was an introvert and strangers were my biggest fear.

Sadly, the no.1 job a founder is to sell.

& my journey with sales did not start quite smooth.

I was so scared of going to meetings that I procrastinated reach outs. Not for a day, not a week, but months! The first 6 months went by, in just delaying cold calling due to my fears and convincing myself - hey, we're doing "backend research".

But then, from some cold emails sent, a client responded and we setup a meeting. Our first in-person meeting.

Knowing nothing about sales, I took my friend I knew to be the best at it @mustansir along.

We arrived at this humungous glass facade building where they made us wait for one long hour where I played out various scenarios in my mind of how the meeting was gonna go.

Everything about this visit was turning out to be intimidating and then came our client who was this sturdy business woman running multiple companies at a time.

You can imagine what happened next…

We enter the meeting room and as soon as I sit, my body goes numb. For the next half an hour my friend did my company’s introduction and ran the client through our services while I could hardly even mumble a few words when asked.

I remember stepping out of that meeting and doubting if I was even made up for this? If I have to put myself through so much agony and discomfort, will it even be worth it after all?

As we progressed through the years I started going to 1-3 meetings a week and with every meeting I learnt what to, and what not to do, the hard way. Today, we have a higher pitch closing rate than some of the best agencies in the industry.

The Conclusion: If you’re afraid to do something, that should be the first thing you rush to complete and the rest will fall into place.


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