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This one decision decided the success of my first digital agency...

Eight years ago, in the summer of 2015, when two 19-year-olds were taking a long walk on Marine Drive, they decided to start a digital agency to make their summertime successful.

After weeks of deliberation and planning, Googling important information, and teaching themselves crucial skills, when it was time to launch their very first website, one of them suggested, "Instead of calling it 'Marketing Solutions,' what if we called it 'Restaurant Marketing Solutions'?"

successful digital marketing agency - Blazonion Restaurant Marketing Solutions

You see, the F&B industry was a rapidly growing target market. The decision-makers were easily approachable for us, and we knew we could add value to them by acquiring and retaining their customers.

And so we did. In that split moment, a decision we made had a huge impact on our journey ahead. Within a few years, we dominated as experts in that market, not only on Google SERPs but also in the networks of restaurateurs.

This one factor made our digital marketing agency successful

When you're starting to build something, it's always tough to break the barriers to entry.

The easiest way to circumvent this is to find a "Blue Ocean" (Google Blue Ocean Theory). Something unique that not many have tapped into—that's what we call a "niche."

So, if you know someone who is trying to build something, send them this to remind them to be unique and find their niche!


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