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The Perfectionist Mistake

This is the story of how I sent my first ever client proposal and how it went horribly wrong!

Continuing the story from my previous post, after our meeting our first client, I sat with my friend to design a proposal. After googling tens of templates and not having any that we liked, we decided to make one of our own.

3 days later, we had what we thought, a masterpiece! Designed to perfection and written with attention to every word was this proposal we KNEW would wow the client.

We tested it as an attachment, as an email body sending it to ourselves over and over again till we believed we had it. And then we hit send…

PS: here's the proposal design in case you're curious:

We anxiously waited, and waited but there was no response for days… just to later realize they considered our way of working quite slow and unprofessional to give us the mandate.

That's when I learnt the lesson I apply every day even to date:

Chase progress not perfection.

Your ONLY focus should be on moving the needle. Understand the expectation and chase the task to fulfillment instead of adding your creativity to make it "Perfect" and you will be sure to progress much quicker!

Today, we send a proposal within 10 minutes of the client call by working on a simple template that converts 80% of the time! Comment below if you're interested in seeing how we simplified the template over 8 years (and feel free to use it personally).


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